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The Legacy Press


The Legacy Press


Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts


 Expected late 2018 / early 2019


Suave Mechanicals

Essays on the History of Bookbinding


Volume 5  •  Julia Miller, editor














Lydia Aikenhead


Ruth Bardenstein



Jim Bloxam

Shaun Thompson


Bexx Caswell

Patrick Olson


Peter Geraty


Kathleen Kiefer

Barbara Korbel

Eva-Maria Schuchardt


Todd Pattison

Graham Patten


Karin Scheper


Pictures in Your Pocket: A History of the American Tintype Album


Samaritan Manuscript Bindings from Four Collections in the

United States


A Previously Unrecorded Sewing Technique Deciphered during a Study of a Twelfth-Century, Limp Tawed-Skin Binding


Germany and the Modernization of Bookbinding: Evidence from Michigan State University's Criminology Collection


A Manual Approach to Stiff-Board Parchment Binding


Picking Up the Thread: A Study of Bookbinding Canvas

(+ 2 cloth samples)



Confusing the Case: Books Bound with Adhered Boards, 1760 –1860



Endband Varieties in the Islamic World