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Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts



Making Impressions

Women in Printing and Publishing



Editors Rebecca M. Chung

and Cathleen A. Baker

In late January 2020, The Legacy Press decided not to publish a proposed series Impressions in favor of a stand-alone book, Making Impressions: Women in Printing and Publishing, which includes the following essays:

Juliana Castro Varon  —  Cita: A Feminist Open-Access Digital Library and Print-on-Demand


E. Haven Hawley  —  Women’s Work in the 19th-Century Economy of Pornography


Karen Holmberg  —  Case Studies: How a Generation of Women Came to Printing


Kitty Maryatt —  The Visual Vocabulary of Pochoir in La Prose du Transsibérien: Sonia Delaunay, Nathalie Couderc,

and Christine Menguy


Christine N. Moog — Women and Widows: Invisible Printers


Miranda Garno Nesler  —  Elizabeth Holt and the Early Modern Women Imprinting the Mind of Man


Dianne L. Roman  —  Detangling the Medusa in Early American Printing History


Kathleen A. Walkup  —  Potluck Books and the Women of the Distaff Side



Rebecca M. Chung has been involved in the printing arts as a textual scholar, book historian, and archivist. She is a practical printer, bibliographer, and information specialist (preservation, archives). Rebecca is particularly interested in the materiality of printed texts and images, as well as their history of textual transmission (in all media including digital).


As a paper and book conservator (retired), Cathleen A. Baker has been interested in the materiality of works of art on paper and printed books since the 1970s. To more fully understand the materials and techniques involved in creating these artifacts, she has an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama and was the "printer's devil" for the limited edition of her book, By His Own Labor: The Biography of Dard Hunter (Red Hydra Press, 2000). Additionally, she has hand-printed a number of books under her imprint, The Legacy Press, established in 1997.