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Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts



Essays on the Art of Printing


Vol. 1


Rebecca M. Chung, editor

The new  The Legacy Press series, Impressions encompasses all of the printing arts, including relief, intaglio, lithography, and serigraphy, as well as related arts, such as stamping, stenciling, and pochoir.


Vol. 1 of Impressions – expected in early 2020 – is devoted to women and printing, historical and current. Authors and essay titles include the following:

Juliana Castro  —  Cita: A Feminist Open-Access Digital Library and Print-on-Demand


Christine Moog — Women and Widows: Invisible Printers


Rebecca M. Chung  —  Ann Mikolowski, Artist and Printer for The Alternative Press


E. Haven Hawley  —  The Women behind Pornography in Nineteenth-Century America


Karen Holmberg  —  Three Women Printers Interviewed: Felicia Rice, Cathy Deforest, and Mary Laird


Kitty Maryatt —  Pochoir and La Prose du Transsibérien


Kathleen A. Walkup  —  Bookmaking on the Distaff Side: Edna Beilsenson, Club of  Printing Women, and Beatrice Warde


Miranda Garno Nesler  —  Elizabeth Holt, First Printer of Locke's Essays Concerning Human Understanding


Dianne Roman  —  The Medusa in the Print Shop: Establishing a Canon of Women Players in the Early American

Printing Trade

Editor: Rebecca M. Chung has been involved in the printing arts as a textual scholar, book historian, and archivist. She is a practical printer, bibliographer, and information specialist (preservation, archives). Rebecca is particularly interested in the materiality of printed texts and images, as well as their history of textual transmission (in all media including digital).


Rebecca is taking essays for Vol. 2, which is open to any Impressions topic, and if you have an essay in preparation or if you would like more information, please email her: